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What Famous NBA Star is Building Real Estate?

What Famous NBA Star is Building Real Estate?  What famous NBA star is building real estate? It was announced last week that former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has partnered with Boraie Development from New Brunswick, New Jersey to build an apartment tower in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. The 35-story building will be home […]

Kohl’s: Finding Balance with E-Commerce

Kohl’s: Finding Balance with E-Commerce  In an interview last week, Kohl’s COE Kevin Mansell told CNBC that the retailer believes they have found a way to strike balance between brick and mortar and the growing trend of online shopping. Kohl’s currently has twelve locations in the U.S. that are approximately 35,000 square feet, compared to […]

The Garage of Scottsdale: The Ultimate Mancave

The Garage of Scottsdale: The Ultimate Mancave  The ultimate mancave, also known as The Garages of Scottsdale will be open soon and the crew at Knipp Contracting is excited to be a part of this real estate development project. The Garages of Scottsdale isn’t just a place to store your favorite toys – it’s a […]

Tenant Improvements Explained 

Tenant Improvements Explained  What are tenant improvements? If you are considering an investment in a commercial property, this is a term you will want to be familiar with, before you sign on the dotted line of a lease agreement. Here is an overview of tenant improvements explained. Tenant improvements are changes made to commercial real […]

Where are the Wealthiest Zip Codes in America?

Where are the Wealthiest Zip Codes in America?  It might be an easy assumption to think that the wealthiest zip codes in America are in California or New York, or even the beaches of Florida, but according to a new study done by GOBankingRates, the most expensive zip codes aren’t that easy to guess. Here […]

What is a Multi-Family Home?

What is a Multi-Family Home?  If you are considering investing in real estate, one opportunity for building long-term wealth includes a multi-family home. But what is a multi-family home? A multi-family home is defined by a residential property in which there are two or more separate dwelling units – each with their own kitchen, bathrooms […]