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New Technology Changing the Future of Investing

New Technology Changing the Future of Investing 

New, emerging technology is changing the future of investing through the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). In Chicago for example, a new startup tech company has designed a tool that creates algorithms based on questions that the investor answers, to create a baseline of what type of investment they are looking for.

The tool then goes to work locating properties that suit the investors preference – and it should be added that the software finds properties that are currently on the market, and those that are not. The investor has the option to buy and hold, or pool the real estate acquisitions with partners as part of a turnkey solution. Across the country, more and more tech tools and platforms are popping up that make it easier for individuals to jump into the real estate investing game.

Additional platforms include crowdfunding as an option for both small and large investors, to minimize costs and maximize returns. Investors can choose from different investment assets, such as mixed use, single family, industrial and multi-family to name a few options. Crowdfunding platforms offer search tools that provide investors with a summary of reports and allows them to drill down deep into the data, providing relevant information on employment trends, crime risks, regional stats, etc. Real estate crowdfunding platforms will use AI combined with other predictive analytics that provide insights into the data, which allows for a more comprehensive decision for the investment strategy.

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