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Sam’s Club Closes Multiple Locations Across the U.S.

Sam’s Club Closes Multiple Locations Across the U.S. 

Sam’s Club which is owned by retail giant, Walmart announced last week it’s plans to close or convert sixty-three of their stores across the U.S. In the announcement, the company said the decision to close these locations was based on the need to better fulfill online orders, less populations growth in some markets and too many competing locations.

“We’ve decided to right-size our fleet and better align our locations with our strategy” said Sam’s Club President and COE, John Furner. “We will be closing some clubs, and we notified them today. We’ll convert some of them into eCommerce fulfillment centers – to be better serve the growing number of members shopping with us online and continue to scale the business.”

In the same announcement Walmart confirmed that they would lift their minimum wage in the U.S. to $11.00 per hour and give out bonuses of up to $1,000.00 to employees.

About ten to twelve locations are slated to close temporarily, and converted into regional distribution centers to help fulfill online purchases. The retail landscape has had a major shift with the rise of Amazon and the growing number of shoppers who prefer to shop online. Warehouse based retails such as Sam’s Club and Costco have been forced to adjust to the new environment and how the consumers buy groceries, electronics, and other products as a result of the ecommerce growth.

For a list of all the locations that Sam’s Club will be closing, you can click here.

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